Back Yard Retreat.......?
The very idea of being able to escape the home by just taking a short stroll through your back yard should be reason enough to consider the options of an "Outdoor Office".

In England they call these "Garden Buildings"
they have been using them for years throughout Europe ....and now with more and more people starting to work from home its becoming more popular throughout the United States.
People are needing a space for themselves either for work or just to escape the often already crowded home.

Our goal at the Shed Shop is to help our customers create the perfect backyard getaway! weather it be used as an office, a studio for the Artist, a Yoga Room, a Gaming Room, or just a nice quiet place to escape to read a book !
The options are endless!

When you think about what it would cost you to add a 10 x 12 area to your home the figures will be frightening! in most cases you are talking about upwards of  20K...for the bare 10x12 Room with a closet if your lucky! and to boot your taxes just went up as well!
  The "Outdoor Office" concept eliminates tearing your house apart, eliminates your taxes going up and opens up the possibilities of making it unique! when you add a room to your home you usually have no choice but to make it look like the rest of your home...with the "Outdoor Office"
concept you can basically go with your heart and mind and create whatever you want!
And yet another bonus.....this will add value to your home !  Or when and if you leave your home you can take it with you!
The options are so endless that creating a standard price list for these would be impossible unless we were to just create a few models to choose from and leave it at that...we would like to be able to work with our potential customers to create a place that fits every need individually!

We would start with a basic price for the structure itself and go from there with your options....there are inexpensive ways to go and there are elaborate and expensive ways to go it depends on what your heat and your wallet can come up with!
You have your options of the exterior , as far as siding, style, size, doors, windows, exterior lighting ect.... then with the interior  you can choose your interior siding weather it be sheetrock, Pine V Match siding, Log Siding, or maybe you want to go Half Sheetrock and half wood?...
Then you have your ceiling concept?....or standard? wood? or sheetrock?
then of course flooring!  A beautiful hardwood?...Tiled? Carpeted?  are you getting a picture in your mind yet?
Then you have the Electrical aspect of the shed.....are you going to have Internet?...cable? phone lines? many outlets will you need? where would you need them?...would you like some recessed lighting? about  baseboard heat for the winters?....maybe airconditioning?
a ceiling fan?
Then of course you have endless options in doors and windows.....from large bay windows to small tandem windows....

So as you can see this is an important reason why we would like to set an appointment with a potential customer and sit down and discuss every fine detail of the project to be sure that you are getting what you want!

As it stands we are just adding the "Office Shed" idea to our business.... we have experience in all aspects of construction and the quality will be just as it is with our Sheds and Screenhouses!

If you are interested in discussing more the idea of having an Outdoor Office then please feel free to call or email us anytime and we would be happy to talk with you!
The Pictures On This Page Are From Various Internet Searches....These are not the ShedShops
Sheds, or works....These are merely ideas of what an "Office Shed" Can be....
Here is an idea for a little getaway that would be very inexpensive, a perfect place to just sit and read, or even take a nap for that matter!
Looks pretty quiet and peaceful doesn't it? Very simple structure with nothing fancy.....but it works!
This looks to be about an 8x12 or 8x14 , with the open concept ceiling it really opens it up and gives you the feeling of more space...what a great office space!
Imagine How Peaceful your "Outdoor Office" Could be!!!!!!!
This is our first Office Shed of 2012, Built in North Hampton NH, this is an Office/Shed the left side of the shed is
8x10 with a 8x6 shed on the right side, 7' walls with standard steel entry doors, Pella Vinyl Windows, the floor on the Office part of the shed is Insulated and sealed with TyVeck , Its currently unfinished on the inside , we will post more pictures as soon as its completed, power is ran underground to the house with Cable and Phone lines as well.