Size                            Peak Style                                                 Gambrel   Style                                                Screenhouse
              SMART      Pine       Shake        T1-11            SMART         Pine        Shake        T1-11
6x8         1800         2050       2300         1750                   2200         2550       2800          2100                                  call  
6x10       1950         2200       2550         1850                   2450         2600       2950          2150                                  call
6x12       2200         2350       2900         2000                   2600         2750       3300          2200                                  call
8x8         2450         2650       3150         2150                   2850         3050       3550          2400                              2200
8x10       2750         2950       3400         2600                   3050         3250       3700          2950                              2600
8x12       3050         3300       3800         2950                   3350         3600       4100          3250                              2850
8x14       3250         3650       4150         3100                   3550         3950       4450          3400                              3100
8x16       3550         3850       4500         3400                   3850         4150       4600          3700                              3450
10x10     3750         4050       4800         3600                   4150         4450       5250          3950                              3950
10x12     3950         4250       5250         3800                   4350         4650       5650          4200                              4100
10x14     4200         4550       5540         3900                   3025         4800       5800          4225                              4300
10x16     4300         5000       5850         4200                   4700         5400       6250          4600                              4600
10x20     4750         5250       6300         4400                   5000         5550       6450          4800                              4900
Save And Go Longer!
10x24     5150         5500       6150         4950                   5550         5950       6600          5400                              5200
Standard Features
We Offer free delivery and set up of our Sheds within 25 Miles of Rochester NH anything outside the 25 mile radius is negotiable but subject to an upcharge..
Site Preparation
As far as preparation for the site of your shed we can discuss that on our initial meeting, as long as there is enough room around the shed site to work then we can manage, the more unleveled the site is the higher one point of your shed will be and there may be a slight upcharge for more blocks if needed.
The Shed Shop takes no responsibility for any damaged plants,shrubs, ect..that is in the way of the Shed being built.
Town Permits
Every Town is different , it is the buyers responsibility to get permits if needed.
Base/ Floor
Our sheds are built on 2" Concrete Blocks from the highest point then it is leveled from there with the necessary blocks needed.
We use Pressure Treated 4x4 Stringers to lay the frame work on, the Framework is pressure treated lumber laied out 16" on center in your choice of 2x4, 2x6, or 2x10 depending on your needs, we use Pressure treated bridging under all the seams in the floor sheathing.
The floor sheathing can be 5/8" CDX Pine Flooring or 3/4" Pressure Treated Flooring, we also have options of decking, 1x8 or 1x10 pine boards, 2x6 or 2x10 pine or pressure treated ...basically whatever you want for flooring is an option, it all depends on your budget.
All Standard Sheds have 6'3" walls and are approximately 9' high ( Gambrels higher, depending on size,  7'3" walls are available at 10% of the Shed Price Ordered, custom sizes are always available. Wall construction are 2x4 Pine at 16" on center, we use two studs on every corner for added strength, windows have sills on tops and bottoms and all doors will have Headers.  2x6 Construction is also available for 10% of the price of the Shed Ordered.
Roof / Rafters
The rafters on anything over 8' wide are built with 2x6 construction laied out at 16" on Center, and all rafters have plywood Gussets for added Strength, we use 1/2" CDX Pine for the Sheathing of the roof, again other materials can be used depending on your needs and wants... Shingles can be matched to your home in either a 3 Tab Shingle or an Architectural Style, they have a 25 to 30 year Manufacturers Warranty, but The Shed Shop Guarantees The roofs free of leakage for as long as you own it! ( Within Reason)
Siding Options
Your siding options are basically unlimited, If someone makes it and sells it then we can install it! Our Standard Options are 8" Pine VGroove or VMatch siding for our pine sheds, or T1-11 siding, Cedar Shakes in many different Grades, and Vinyl Siding, we also offer Options of Log siding, Vinyl shake Siding, and Rough Cut Lumber Siding. we also offer a greener option of what they call Smart Board , its a T1-11 look with a Coated Finish, it has a manufaturers warrantee of 50 Years!

Doors And Windows
Again the options are endless, but the standard doors used on our Sheds, are a 6' Door for our pine Sheds that we build ourselves, with Heavy Duty Hinges and Hardware, and for the Vinyl sheds we Use a 6' Fiberglass 6 Panel Door, Maintenance Free Very well made..
If you have a Specific type of door that your interested in we can work with you keep in mind that most standard doors are 80" tall so if you choose to go with an 80" door on a side wall you will also have to upgrade to the 7 Foot walls...unless your specific door can be cut down to size..
Window options are the same , but our standard windows for our Wood Sheds are a 4 Panel or 6 panel Wood and Glass Window that opens ....our Vinyl Shed Windows are a White Aluminum Window that is fully functional with Screens...Most Of our sheds Come standard with a Double Door and 2 Windows , Smaller Sheds usually come standard with One Single door and One Window....
Our sheds come completely Trimmed out From the corners to the soffits and fascia, Gable ends, doors and windows...Trimmed with 3" to 5" Boards on our Wood Sheds, and we use 3" to 5" White PCV Trim For our Vinyl Sheds..  The Sheds are also Vented with either a Soffit Vent or Vents on the Gable Ends...
We use 8" Drip Galvanized Drip edge on our Roofs..
Add On's With Pricing
Additional Doors
Wood      36" Door 100.00                  
Wood      60" Double Door  180.00    
All Hardware Included
Additional Windows
Wood      Small   60.00                     Aluminum     Small   70.00
Wood      Large   80.00                     Aluminum     Large   90.00
All Hardware Included
Wood Windows Only......................Small 25.00      Large 35.00
Pressure Treated Ramps
5' Wide x 4' Long           100.00
6' Wide x 4' long            130.00
Custom Sizes Available
Storage Lofts
8'x4'                        100.00
10'x4'                      140.00
12'x4'                      180.00
Work Benches
2'x8'                         80.00
2'x10'                       100.00
2'x12'                      120.00
2'x16'                      140.00
Pressure Treated Decks/ Porches
Off of the shorter wall will be 20% Of the Shed Cost
Off of the Longer wall it will be 30% of the cost of the Shed
This would be a 4' X Length or 4' x Width
Some 3 Tab shingle Options
some Arc Shingle Options
Remember with the Shed Shop your ideas can become a reality!
Some Siding Options For You to Choose From
T1-11 Plywood  7/16  to 5/8
Cedar Skakes, Different Grades
Pine Log siding
Steps Can be added if needed, Sometime your site being unlevel can make your shed a little higer then you would like in some cases there is no other options other then stairs, we charge 50.00 Per Set with 2 Steps, on 32 to 36 inch doorways, and 100.00 for the 60 inch doorways.
Because of the price of lumber going nuts      Sheds prices are 200 dollars more    SORRY